👋 Hi! I’m Jen Crichlow—

Musings is a blog/newsletter wherein I share my opinion in written form.

A musing, by definition, is a period of reflection or thought. There’s no set schedule for inspiration, just the commitment to consider what is and what could be.
I do my best to release content that captures my perspective and opens topics up for reflection and discussion.

I build complex software and shine brightest when my team shines.
Collectively, I believe we can create software that makes our quality of life better.

You can learn more about me or get in touch on my website.

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Thoughts and opinions about how we build, test and release emergent software


Jen Crichlow

Recovering Project Mgr | Helping companies make better, data-driven decisions with SAVVI AI 🌱 I'm particularly interested in the ethical questions derived from AI's applications and how we address them.